Lady of the Light

When I heard your voice
For the very first time
Butterflies flew inside me
I had found the one
You were a woman, a teacher,
a spiritual guide, a best friend
a miracle, all in one.
The woman I dreamed of
to share my life
even in the afterlife
Before a cold rainy night
I planted the seeds of our love
far deep into the soil
May the Sun send her rays
for them to grow
and let us flourish
in an eternal spring
that we deserved to rejoice
yet, failed to realise
in our mortal sleeves
A love that remains silent now,
awaits rebirth in the hereafter.


Dear Ms Grace III

When you conquered my heart,
I was saved from the desert
and found myself in Babylon
You were always unreal
In a world where hypocricy
was considered talent;
with your honesty,
you started a revolution
in my heart.
Now, my life has found
meaning and breathes
with your gentle touch.
Before you saved me,
I was a sailor without
a compass, scattered,
about to drown in a
sea of melancholy.
My only hope,
You were my Queen
the cure to all pain
The one to rescue me
from the deep end.
Now my heart grows
in love, thanks to you
my inner child is alive.

A poem by thevastness
a.k.a ozanoutcast

Dear Ms Grace II

If I had the chance, I would celebrate your name,
every other day. With verses for one day,
prayers for another. Thanks to you,
my verses survive,
as you breathe life into my heart.
You were the holy woman to end
my neverending solitude.
The precious flower to invite me
to the firmament of Istanbul.
The messenger of a new beginning,
a golden era, the Sultan of my soul.
The key to my heart belongs to you.

Dedicated to a special lady whose name means Grace.


The Longest Night

Yesterday, on the 21st of January
the angelic voice from Istanbul
rejuvenated my soul with hope
Her touch was filled with delight
like a torch burning bright
to illuminate the darkest night
Her light shone through my window
Along with the winter sun
Bestowed upon these verses
Her beauty is the gift from God.


by the Vastness.

A Yearning for Heavenly Light

Nights of agony conquer my soul
Unadorned roads lead to misery
Rivers die in a drought without you
Caress the sky once above us
A slight chance to see your beauty
Nutrifies my spirit to move on

Years have passed since you left
As I open the gates to a new day
Sorrow wins a victory in my heart
Afar, as you are to the utmost degree
Raindrops, I pray, remind you of me.

Date of submission 24.11.2019

Dedicated to a special lady whose name

‘Nur’ means heavenly light


Mercy, a word left beneath the ruins
or running afloat in someone’s mind
A lantern, buried deep in our hearts
Maybe it’s the eyes of a child
We cast light on
A feeling we are deprived of,
or struggle to find.
Is it a wish to feed a starving animal?
Or give shelter to a homeless child?
Mercy exists every time
we can’t turn a blind eye
To embellish a faded flower
in a glowing garden.
This makes us humane
A virtue that is vital
Still, disregarded.
An island of hope
in a sea of sorrow.
Mercy lies in the anonymous.
Enigmatic as can be.

Original Verses By Sıla Esen
Translated By TheVastness

February the 7th

Having lived through ravaging storms
I found myself trapped in decay
An immense labyrinth of insecurity
Rooted in my spirit for decades
Kept me from realizing the man in me

As the orchard restored my wish to see
and learn how plants grow in the wild,
the lady I met on the seventh of February
healed the wound in my fragile heart
silenced the outcry in my aching soul

She has blessed me with a second chance
Finding refuge in her forgiveness
I was able to express how I felt
Without a second thought
I made a choice to remain silent
So that my words would remain pure
and not be poisoned by mischief

In her presence, my sorrow fades
Her voice is music to my ears
Her rage is a lesson to be learned
Now that I have declared my love
I should say, all that I have lived
and been through so far
is still worth it in the end

If it were the price to see her
I would revisit each moment
of sorrow through the years
just to find her and declare
my love all over again

The seventh day of February,
no matter how cold and gray,
is the day of my rebirth.
If bridges leading to her fail
to take me to the ground
she walks on, finally,
may God Almighty
reward me with her love
in the world hereafter.

theVastness 2017

Acrostic Verse

Acrostic Verse

Saint of a buried heart
End to all black days
Raindrops of divine love
Paint the earth green
Intentions as pure as gold
Lasts under our sky

Sages speak with one voice
Embellished words of love
Rejuvenate my soul
Petals carry the verses
Inside my bleeding heart
Left for you to decipher

Sir Castaway is my other name
Each experience bears the pain
Reap the crops of our love
Pray for us to find serenity
In a world of neverending misery
Let us live with blessing and harmony

Hidden Distances

I would like to meet you
When the night arrives
Roads covered crystal
Pines turned to fairies
Winter rules the city
When nature invites me
To her divine silence
The spark in your eyes
Turn to flames
As I speak with an open heart
Together we’re a star on earth
I want to scream
Take me to your dark world
Let’s rise above, higher than high
Through hidden distances
I would wait for you
Gathering power from your glance
I would build a crystal kingdom
Shining brighter than diamonds
There I would give you
Divine throne of love
After when spring arrives
And ice starts melting
I would be the last drop
To run away with you.

1997 the vastness

published on deviantart site on Jun 28, 2001
under the name of modern-mystic